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vanessa kafka, head of product at kayak

"I was struggling to find direction, acceptance and fulfillment in my job and life. As soon as I connected with Stephenie I knew I had found someone who could be a partner for me on my journey to live more meaningfully. She is an incredible coach - curious, thoughtful, easy to connect with and knowledgeable. She gives me the tools and encouragement I need to advocate for myself and my own well-being. I have come so far in only a few months, building up to what has felt like some momentous life decisions, and through it all Stephenie has been there to listen, work through my thoughts and account for the obstacles I put in my own way. My conversations with her strike this truly amazing balance between vulnerable and energizing. As an executive and Mom of two kids under 5, I also appreciate that she herself is a Mom and that makes it so easy to connect and speak to the truths of motherhood. I can say with 100% confidence that engaging in coaching with Stephenie has been one of the best investments I’ve made for myself in a long time." 

deepauli paul, Founder of "we Are Pistachio"

"The one hour that I spent with Stephenie every week was my island of Zen and peace from the chaos of my life.  It was thoroughly fascinating to see how she helped me connect seemingly random things and make me see a pattern.  I was very sure of who I was before I started my coaching sessions with Stephenie but I have to admit I found "me" through these sessions. I got some real outcomes that I could apply to my day-to-day life and look at things in a new light. "

Jeff Halis, President and Chief Executive Officer Tyndall Management  Member, Board of Directors MIT

"I was drawn to Stephenie because she has the qualities that I would seek in an exceptional coach. She is positive, supportive, knowledgeable and curious. At the same time she questions my premises, makes me uncomfortable and is argumentative when I fail to express myself completely. The open discussion is more valuable than one might expect from a paid consultant."

Erin D.

"It's not an overstatement to say that working with Stephenie has changed my life. Prior to our work together I had been in a career rut for over a year, feeling defeated and small. Over the course of our relationship Stephenie has taught me how to operate from an abundance mindset, gracefully navigate tough conversations, and has been the catalyst that I needed to make changes in my life. I've now pivoted into an entirely different industry with a job title that I never thought I'd have at this stage. I can't recommend working with Stephenie enough!"

Professional development leader, AmLaw 50 law firm

"When we developed our first large-scale executive coaching program for partners and “rising star” associates, we knew that success was contingent on having a skeptic-proof program design and cadre of highly-experienced and credible coaches, who understood the pressures of an professional services environment and could translate coaching principles into the language of highly analytical (and sometimes cynical) clients. Stephenie Girard aligned her remarkable coaching skills, significant experience in the professional services sector, awareness and understanding of unique lawyer challenges, and deep network of all-star coaches, to help us build a program positioned for success. The program was a huge success and propelled us forward toward building a coaching culture at the firm."

Amy B, Music Industry

"Stephenie is an exceptional listener who gave meaningful feedback in our sessions together so that I could grow and learn. Stephenie is thoughtful and genuinely cares about her clients’ success which is evident through her empathetic approach to coaching. She is incredibly talented and I absolutely loved working with her!"

Chantelle L., VP Partnerships

"Finding the right coach is deeply personal. Until I met Stephenie, I had not been able to find someone who could deliver on the core business “know-how” I was looking for, as well as someone who could help me tap into my strengths and values to design the life I have dreamed of.   Working with Stephenie has been a true blessing in my life. I think of her as my secret weapon and my lucky charm. Stephenie has the most effective approach to coaching I’ve experienced in my career. She is warm, thoughtful, and incredibly smart. She has helped me shape my goals to focus on what I want to achieve in my career and in my personal life. Stephenie is a person of integrity who also brings a fun and inspiring approach to every interaction we have."  

Michelle, Museum Leadership

"Executive coaching with Stephenie has helped me break out of tired old patterns and take my career to the next level. Her ability to ask provocative and thoughtful questions directly and positively impacts my journey toward greater meaning and fulfillment in my career. She's enabled me to move past obstacles that were holding me back, not only professionally but personally. The benefit I receive from her guidance, wisdom, and support is immeasurable."

Beth B., Entrepreneur

"From our first session, I knew that Stephenie was the coach for me. I immediately felt connected to her on many levels. I began this journey because I felt ‘stuck’ since having my son three years ago. I was feeling lost, unhappy, and unfulfilled professionally. As a mother herself, Stephenie could completely understand what I was going through. Stephenie has taught me the importance of pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and is very good at thinking outside of the box. She has introduced ideas and concepts that would have never crossed my mind otherwise. She truly helped me to understand my value and has given me the confidence I need to grow personally and professionally. Stephenie has provided me with more insight, inspiration, support, and guidance than I ever could have imagined. She asks questions that dig deep and foster further exploration. I wholeheartedly recommend Stephenie and I am excited to continue on this journey with her by my side!"

Product Manager, Fortune 100 Company

"My work with Stephenie over the past year has transformed my career - so much so, I'm tempted to call it "magical." While "executive coaching" sounds like it would be most relevant at the executive-level, it can help you at any stage in your career.  Looking back, I would have benefitted as much at age 25 as I do now at 39."

jonathan price

"One of my favorite people!! . I had been burnt out from somewhat blindly pursuing success in what I was good at but felt empty despite my achievements. Stephenie took a holistic approach, truly listened and encouraged me to dive deep into my soul to find solutions to the same challenge I was really stuck on. I think that our shared values of authenticity and passion brought us to work together because we connected instantly and I kind of let a floodgate of personal feelings and thoughts poor out in speaking with her. I went into working with her with the ultimate goal of finding an exciting job, but what the journey with her was about was about identifying what was holding me back. She encouraged me to think more expansively and not settle. I don't know if I've ever been so excited about my path forward in my whole life. Stephenie helped me identify and silence my inner critic, and also realize that there are people out there that do exactly what they are passionate about, and don't give a shit how crazy the conventional-minded people find it.

Lori, Sponsorships Lead at Google

"Stephenie recognized that I had a lot of ideas and passions but I wasn't taking action. She helped synthesize what I wanted out of my career/life and helped push me to pursue my passions. She felt like a friend I could say anything to and a cheerleader that helped me set small goals to achieve a better life. "